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Singing and playing the piano since the age of three, Julie Baker has always felt called and led to share her faith with others. "Life is hard enough WITH God! How impossible it is WITHOUT Him!"

Julie believes that there are two ways to be uplifted: one is through the power of the Holy Word of God, and the other is through the medium of music. "Each song I write is a three-minute sermon," she says. "As a former high school English teacher, I always look for that 'teachable moment' and try to share with others wisdom from the Bible, and tie that to the beautiful expression through music."

Julie has sung with Sandy Patti, Larnelle Harris, and Kathy Troccoli and is the former president of a women's conference ministry called TimeOut for Women!

Julie is a popular women's retreat speaker, worship leader, and guest musician who is available to come alongside your church group to encourage, inspire, and teach.

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